Plastic Surgery Trends 2015

The statistics are in for 2015!  As expected, the overall number of cosmetic surgeries has risen, as the acceptability of procedures becomes higher.  Several surprising issues came out of 2015's numbers though:

  • Facelift fell out of the "top 5", and has been replaced by abdominoplasty
  • Buttock procedures have increased, both implants and "Brazilian Butt Lifts"
  • There has been an increase in males seeking procedures

Let's briefly look at each of these.  

I don't think it is particularly surprising that we are seeing a decrease in the number of facelifts.  We are starting to see the effects of people who have been doing Botox and fillers for a number of years, and in effect are doing some "preventative maintenance" rather than waiting until they need a much larger procedure.  Also, the rise of abdominoplasty has likely come about with the popularity and advertising of "mommy makeovers" for women post-pregnancy.

Buttock procedures increasing is an interesting phenomenon.  In many South American countries, the desired body type is smaller breasts and a fuller butt.  In fact, historically, large numbers of patients in those countries undergo breast reduction (to reduce their breasts to a B or small C cup) and butt augmentation.  In the United States, we historically have found larger breasts desirable.  This trend does not show any sign of slowing, since we can see that augmentation leads the list of cosmetic procedures.  Although buttock procedures are on the rise, time will tell if this is a fad (led by certain celebrities - Kim K and such), or whether we really are seeing a change in aesthetic goals.

Finally, we are seeing an increase in male patients on several fronts.  This has ranged from in increase in gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) to injectables, with "Brotox parties".  In my own practice, I have definitely seen an uptick in male patients, though this is still a female dominated portion of most practices.